Alberta REdeFINED

Alberta designers are stepping into the spotlight at IDS Vancouver, thanks to a special exhibit named Alberta REdeFINED. Show visitors will walk into a piece of Alberta – the space itself is designed as the shape of the province, right down to the faceted wall that represents its mountainous border with BC.

Designed by Mitchell Design House and constructed by Ritchie Custom Homes, the feature will showcase the eight  participating designers’ work in a gallery-setting. Visit the feature to see the best of Alberta’s design scene!

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Participating Designers


AdrianMartinus Design is the Calgary, Alberta-based studio/workshop of brothers Adrian and Martinus Pool. Working primarily with rescued and reclaimed wood, the duo creates unique furniture designs, interior installations, and creative objects.

Birch & Grey

Birch & Grey is a high-end design shop that focuses on making beautiful, functional and fun products that will last a lifetime. The studio works with everything from wood and concrete to steel and resins. The team operates in a unique zone where collaboration is one of their highest values and building community is their vision.


IZM furniture designs can appear simple, but are sophisticated in construction. The rigid forms remain delicate through studied variation in material thickness, cantilevered construction, recesses and just-right proportionality. The high-quality handcrafted pieces are beautiful enough to stand alone but are also timelessly adaptable to a range of decor styles, ensuring longevity in an increasingly disposable culture.


Loyal Loot

With the ultimate goal of creating pieces that endure, Loyal Loot’s aesthetic embodies an inherent timelessness, with emphasis on simple forms and an element of storytelling.

Mezzaluna Design

The products of Mezzaluna Studio are a celebration of creativity and colour: complex creations made of intricate patterns, swirling shapes, hand-drawn typography and surprisingly perfect colour combinations. Mezzaluna Studio has earned broad recognition for its distinctive look and technical skill, each piece creating a spot of brightness and beauty wherever it goes.


MTHARU, which comes from the designer’s family name, means sword hilt maker. His ancestors were blacksmiths, goldsmiths, weapon makers, ivory workers, artists, authors, poets and so on.  The Calgary-based studio is focused on creative problem solving and material exploration.


RNDSQR values quality craftsmanship. They build homes for people who understand the joys of walking around the corner for groceries, a fresh coffee, and amazing local meals. At RNDSQR, the emphasis is on living and on connecting, and they aim to create spaces where people can make it all fit.



Based in Edmonton, Ryspot Design produces limited-production handcrafted goods with a focus on innovative materials usage. Works are created on demand for clients to allow for customized options that best suit their needs.

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