Canadian by Nature

Presenting a current snapshot of the contemporary Canadian design landscape, Canadian by Nature is the entrance exhibit at IDS Vancouver 2018. This exhibition will include projects and products from both emerging and established designers across diverse media, including architecture, interior, industrial and graphic design.

“Rather than playing on ideas or stereotypes typically associated with Canadiana, the exhibition will showcase the common defining element among the featured pieces: a modern sensibility favouring restraint over excess that stands up on the international stage.” – Phoebe Glasfurd, Creative Director, Glasfurd & Walker 


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With a floating frame, and elegant legs in either chrome or bronzato, the LOFT sofa is a clean and tailored classic that invites you into its embrace. Thanks to the exaggerated look of the legs and the simplicity of the integrated seat cushion, this sofa is a great piece to be used in both residential and contract applications.


84 Series

A white glass moil is captured inside a fine copper mesh basket and then plunged into hot clear glass. Air is blown into the matrix to gently push the white glass through the mesh, creating a delicate pillowed form that is suspended inside the thick outer layer of clear glass. Sometimes the copper mesh basket folds and crinkles, adding specificity to each piece. Undulations in the exterior shape are a natural consequence of the fabrication process and accentuate the gentle white pillowing below. A low-voltage xenon or LED light source is introduced into the piece, casting a warm coppery hue.

Dear Human

Tea Tables 

Tea Tables belong to a collection of forms that inhabit the blurred zone where designed objects become art and vice versa, sometimes seeming to be representational or functional and sometimes not. They are one-of-a-kind or limited edition pieces sculpted from pulped post-consumer recycled paper and natural pigments.


Side Board

IZM furniture designs can appear simple, but are sophisticated in construction. The rigid forms remain delicate through studied variation in material thickness, cantilevered construction, recesses and just-right proportionality. The high-quality handcrafted pieces are beautiful enough to stand alone but are also timelessly adaptable to a range of decor styles, ensuring longevity in an increasingly disposable culture.

Lukas Peet

DST Clock

Daylight Saving Time (DST) is the practice of advancing clocks during summer months so that evening daylight lasts longer, while sacrificing normal sunrise times. Typically, regions that use daylight saving time adjust clocks forward one hour close to the start of spring and adjust them backward in the autumn to standard time. When it is time to reset the clock for ‘DST,’ the user simply lifts the clock off the mount, rotates one hour (to the only available hanging indicator) and re-hangs the clock for another 6 months. With this simple two hole hanging system, the only available alternate mount would be the correct direction.


Living Lighting Installation

Luvere Studio’s combination of lights with plants create living lighting installations that attempt to explore a dual set of relationships: the relationship between humans and plant life, and the one between technology and nature.

These unique installations are intended to bring awareness to the beauty and fragility of nature and our place as human actors in the natural world. We hope to provoke an emotional response – to see nature again as something primal, unique, and worthy of respect and nurture.


urchin softlight 

With its elastic movement and shifting form, urchin softlight invites playful interaction. Using flexible honeycomb geometry, the textile shade expands and morphs into myriad shapes as you manipulate it with your hands. Its curious motion is akin to that of a sea creature, giving the luminary its unique name.


Halves Side Table 
Halves’ distinctive rounded edges showcase precision, while the seamless joints help to construct the asymmetric body. The second level shelving allows the table to transform simply by placing it at various angles. This provides the ability to highlight a complex, yet uncluttered profile.


Bar Raval Materials 

Bar Raval is a 21st-century reinterpretation of Spanish Art Nouveau that introduces Toronto to the pintxo bar, a cornerstone of social and gastronomic culture in Basque Country. Raval’s sculptural sentience pays homage to the clients’ tattooed musculature in the context of Art Nouveau tropes. The fluid, sinuous smoothness of the final product belies the rigorous R&D required to achieve the vision. Bar Raval’s soft, rippling curves foster intimacy and community, enfolding patrons in a warm mahogany embrace and encouraging them to lean into and become part of the woodwork.

Philippe Malouin

Press Mirror

A single tube of stainless steel has been pressed and polished to create an unexpected tabletop mirror. The cylindrical base seamlessly transitions into a planar surface, which can be used as a hand mirror or admired as sculpture.

Scott and Scott Architects

Tofino Cabin, British Columbia

In order to build such lasting spaces, Scott & Scott Architects rely on a select material palette of wood, concrete, metal, leather and traditional finishes that are meant to endure. By repeatedly using these elements, the pair continually gain a better understanding of how the materials work. And with this understanding comes a slow and steady evolution. Though utility informs aesthetics in the firm’s design process, the results are nonetheless exquisite.

Tierney Milne

Youngblood’s Stop Motion Lyric Video

Youngblood is a Vancouver indie-pop group that is self-described as “what the ’60s thought the future would sound like.” With the support of the band, this stop-motion lyric video for ‘Broken English’ makes use of thousands of individually cut and hand-assembled paper letters to bring the emotional words of the song to life with real, physical materials. The letters change and glitch in tactile and charmingly analog ways, painstakingly moved frame by frame and premiered on Vice’s Noisey to great reception.

Woodford Sheppard Architecture

Our Lady of the Snows, Sheshatshiu, Labrador

Woodford Sheppard Architecture is a design studio located in St.John’s, Newfoundland, founded by Chris Woodford and Taryn Sheppard in 2013. The company works on small and medium scale projects throughout the Island and in Labrador. Their practice is directed by a focus on creating buildings in context that enhance experience of the natural landscape.

The studio strives to create spaces and works of all scales that service their communities well. This ultimately entails an appreciation for the varied culture of Newfoundland and Labrador, and an earnest understanding of the complexity of life both on the island and the mainland.

Yabu Pushelberg


This Yabu Pushelberg bar cart audaciously evokes the opulence and decadence of the Hamptons. The spare frame leaves maximal room for storage, allowing the cart to be as functional as it is beautiful, whether indoors or by the pool.

Zoe Mowat

Arbor Jewelry Stand 

The Arbor Jewelry Stand is a colorful refuge for valued treasures. Its inspiration comes from bowerbirds, a unique bird species that collects and displays an array of brightly colored objects in and around its nest. Similarly, Arbor accommodates (and lets us flaunt) our collections of self-adorning pretty things. The sculptural perch incorporates an integrated and removable mirror, brushed brass details, and colored platforms that display special items while keeping them safe. A detachable solid wood dowel acts as the main support for hanging necklaces, bracelets and other treasures.

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