Clay & Glaze

idsvan16_clayglazeClay & Glaze is a curated installation that features contemporary work by an invited group of regional and international ceramicists. From faces on canisters to crumpled vessels to architectural, hard edges, Clay & Glaze will highlight contemporary ceramics at its best.

For more information on Clay & Glaze at IDS Vancouver 2017, please contact or 604-730-2063.


Amanda Marie

Amanda Marie is a ceramicist based in Victoria, BC. Her pieces take on the look of heavy terracotta, with speckling visible through the milky glazes or left exposed in geometric shapes and dot patterns. She is inspired by where she lives: the mountains, the ocean, the forest, the coastal landscapes, shapes and patterns in the world around her.

Anyuta  Gusakova

Russian born and educated, Anyuta  Gusakova began to pursue art at a very young age. Creativity in a form of visual expression has always been as vital for her as the air to breathe. Nature was her biggest inspiration, healer and the source of wisdom in building harmonious structures. It taught her the alphabet, grammar and syntax of the visual language.

Brian Giniewski

Based in Philadelphia, Brian Giniewski spends his time creating lines of fun, colorful, and unique ceramic pots. His simple and restrained forms serve as vehicles for indulgent color and dramatic surfaces that exploit the fluid nature of glaze.

Dana Bechert

Dana Bechert is a designer living in rural Nottingham, Pennsylvania. She works in a variety of disciplines to create elegant and playful objects of utility.


These graphical and artful objects are created by Byung, the London-based designer and founder of DesignK. Minimalist, geometrical forms and shapes characterize his objects. He explores to bring the tradition into modern styles with handcrafted small batches of products of which every piece is a limited edition.

Matteo Cibic

Matteo Cibic is an Italian designer and creative director. He is known for his objects with hybrid functions and anthropomorphic and joyful shapes. He works indiscriminately with industrial processes and small artisans, for luxury brands, collectors and hi-tech companies. His works are displayed in museums, institutions and galleries worldwide.


Roxanne Flick

Roxanne Flick is an artist based in Luxembourg. She believes design has to offer more than shaping functional everyday objects. Besides the function of the products, they are supposed to tell their own story. This interaction of concept and design is reflected in the development of her designs.

The Granite

The Granite is a woman-owned and operated creative studio and workshop with evolving focus and inspiration. As a collaborative effort between an interior designer and a craftsperson with a background in metalsmithing and ceramics, the studio draws from a variety of disciplines to design and create a wide spectrum of useable objects including home goods, lighting, and wearables.

More participants will be added soon! 

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