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district-logoThe District is IDS Vancouver’s popular cash and carry neighbourhood that features fresh collections of design products for the home. It is the marketplace for designers to show and sell to discerning consumers and industry insiders.

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Below are the companies that exhibited at The District in 2018.

DMS Design

DMS-Design was created out of the founder’s love of working with wood. The brand offers customized, affordable design furniture and home accessories.

East Van Light

East Van Light builds vintage industrial lamps with engaging modern designs. Combining locally sourced premium hardwoods, high quality hardware, and antique reproduction Edison light bulbs, each lamp delivers warm ambient light and a refined old world aesthetic that inspires the work, repose, curiosity and conversation of those around it.  East Van Light strives to design lamps that are subtle in support of the spaces they inhabit, while simultaneously engaging the audience that surrounds them.

Grey by Becki Chan

Becki Chan creates handmade jewellery and art objects from her studio in Vancouver, British Columbia. Given Becki’s educational background in sculpture and architecture, she finds beauty and inspiration in structure and geometry. Each piece is developed out of Becki’s sculptural work and is defined by a stripped-down vocabulary of form. Cast in silver, elementary lines and simplified shapes combine and repeat, with slight variations and irregularities.

G Ceramic & Co.

After graduating from the Emily Carr University of Art and Design, former product designer Gabrielle Burke founded g ceramic & co. as she was enamoured by the way ceramic objects habitat in our daily lives. For her, it is amazing how people rely on objects such as mugs and bowls and have an interpersonal relationship with them. g ceramic & co. is about curating your life. It’s about redefining living. The objects that surround us impact our understanding of our lives, calling into question everything we own. How do you design your life?

Hitomi Mckenzie

Making pots is Hitomi Mckenzie’s art; she makes them for people to use. She believes that her pots would attract those who appreciate beauty and function working in harmony. It is important to her to create communication, a ‘conversation’ between form and surface. Her intimate relationship with each individual piece becomes an extension of how she responds to movement of the wheel and the clay.

Kathleen Tennock 

Kathleen Tennock works primarily in clay, using primitive methods of firing like sawdust and Naked Raku. Without using glaze, she can maintain the tactile quality of the clay, something that is very important to her, because she wants her work to invite touch as much as it is visually pleasing. The raw texture of the clay and spontaneous markings created by the smoke firing during the Naked Raku process give her work a natural and almost stone-like quality.


KONZUK aspires to create jewelry that is more wearable architecture than simple accessory. The collections are inspired by designer Karen Konzuk’s personal observations of architecture and sculpture; notably the work of Donald Judd and Richard Serra. Minimal form, unique surface texture, and unorthodox materials each define the modernist aesthetic of KONZUK jewelry.


Geometric Desires by LanaBetty is a modern jewelry line uniting evolution and passion, combining beautiful materials and beautiful design. LanaBetty uses traditional jewelry making and the relatively new technique of 3D printing to create complex shapes and angular lines, balancing universal inspiration with on trend style. Designs are made using faceted semi-precious stones, sterling silver, brass, steel, and even gold.

London Fields Shoppe

London Fields Shoppe is a brick and mortar store specializing in the clever, the eclectic, and the nostalgic. Taking inspiration from the owners’ time living in the United Kingdom, London Fields Shoppe was created and named after the area where their favourite market, Broadway Market, takes place in London (UK). With an emphasis on handmade, London Fields Shoppe is a place to share some of the goods and vintage items that they discover during their travels.

Low Poly Crafts

Britta and Adrian founded Low Poly Crafts in 2016. The duo have been playing around with Low Poly and the DIY movement for a few years before coming together to create a business. Often compared to the therapeutic colouring books, Britta and Adrian hope that Low Poly Crafts not only inspires but encourages people to create!

Mind the Minimal

Handcrafted in Calgary and Vancouver, Mind the Minimal’s products are based on the element of concrete and minimalism. All of the designs are hand poured,hand sanded and hand painted.


Urbanwalls makes all kinds of removable wall decals and chalk decals for homes. With the appeal of wallpaper and a level of permanence that supports designer ADD, the company is continually creating decals that allow changes and swaps (without hurting any walls). From designers to those who claim no creativity, Urbanwalls enables customers to think outside of the box, inspiring them to fall in love with the spaces that surround them.

Vancouver Candle Co. 

Vancouver Candle Co. was born out of Nick Rabuchin’s passion. His unique take on candle making, mixed with a dedication to artisanal craftsmanship, has created a cult-like following for his luxury candles. Each candle is poured by hand in a small batch from his studio in Vancouver, British Columbia, with the utmost care and attention. A true artisanal product, each Vancouver Candle Co. candle is numbered and signed for quality control.

Isle Collection

Isle Collection is a design studio founded by Leo Lin in 2018. The studio delivers a series of functional products with a sense of playfulness contributing to the tabletop arrangement. We are continuously contemplating on the relationships between tabletop items and the objects that are placed upon, and wish to celebrate a unique conversation between the two. With the help of experienced manufactures and their craftsmanship in Taiwan, we play with materials like stainless steel, brass, and aluminum to explore the possibilities of forms and hope to stimulate both tabletop environment and user experience.

The Littlest Fry

The Littlest Fry is all about imagination and craftsmanship in a fun and colourful way. It is about celebrating the artists that make the products, but also about loving your own unique style and personality.


StoneFelt is a small art based company run by Maxx P. Duncalfe. It is situated in Nanaimo, BC on Beautiful Vancouver Island. All products are felted with sheep wool or alpaca fleece as well as silk and tencel.

Morocco Artisanat

A Canadian based company specializing in importing authentic Moroccan artisanal home decor products made by skilled artisans from Morocco. Moroccan art and design is known for its rich color palette and its abundant choice of shapes and patterns, all of which inspire artists to create beautiful authentic pieces that reflect the vibrancy of the Kingdom. Created using traditional methods handed down from generation to generation, each artisanal piece is handmade and is unique – no two piece will look exactly alike.

Seymour + Smith Reading Glasses

Our mission is to elevate your look and help you see.

Our universally flattering and unisex reading glasses are designed with a clean and simple West Coast aesthetic. Hand Polished and made from sustainable materials. Durable and Affordable. Great ready to love wearing readers. 

Flax Sleep

Flax Sleep was founded in the fall of 2017 by Anna Heyd, Oana Papuc and Vivian McCormick. We are three friends with entrepreneurial spirits, an appreciation of beautiful things, and a love of good sleeps. We saw a gap in the Canadian marketplace when it came to buying simple bedding online at accessible prices, and felt inspired to fill that void.

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